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Who are we?

Design thinkers. Software Engineers, User experience Designers. We create and engineer highly relevant web applications that accelerate business growth.

What is our goal?

We are designing tomorrows enterprises. We are redefining the rationale of how organizations creates, delivers and captures values in todays world.

Who is our services for?

Senior Executives, Intrapreneurs, Entrepreneurs. Anyone who needs a web app to inspire, boost performance, renew competitiveness, deliver new innovative business models.
Ideas matter

Ideas Matter

If you need a partner that strives to understand your vision, and will converge that vision with great technology and business ideas, then you are at the right place. Through collaborative ideation processes, we will both solidify our efforts to always engage and excite the end user.
business model

Explore New Business Models

We help organization build businesses whether it is a existing business needing a new approach to engage its customers or a startup addressing a new market or a non-profit exploring new models. We will help your organization innovate and develop the capabilities to grow.

Succeeding with Agile

We want to reduce unnecessary complexity, improve communication and have the end users utilize the app without having to wait for a complete system. The goal of our efforts is always the same: to minimize our clients risks and deliver value, faster and earlier 

User Centrality

Our work is done with the user as the central focus. As we iterate and re-iterate toward a final solution, our goal is to deliver actionable, and tangible strategies. The result: new, innovative synergies for growth that are grounded in business viability by designing delightable user experiences.
User Interface

Great Interface Design

Because we obsess about users expectations, we know that every pixel, every typeface, every icon counts, not in a complex clutter but in a simple invisible way that allows users to complete thier goals. Language, layout, and design are instrumental to a web applications success. 

Know Your Visitors

Data is your most valuable asset to understand the full potential of your user experience space. To that end we utilize research, analysis and analytics to create strategies that link the web app with user facing experiences by measuring the systems ability to deliver on the user experience vision.
Ruby on Rails

Powerful Software Tools

We specialize in programming custom web applications using Ruby on Rails, SQL and NoSQL databases, javascript and other technologies. We also have years of experience deploying on the new generation of "platform-as-a-service" cloud application services.
web apps, not web apps

Web Apps Not Web sites

In todays enviroment, content is no longer king, apps are. What is the difference? Web application prizes user engagement and a website simply pivots on content. We don't build websites and we believe you shouldn't want one either. Seriously.

Passionate for good design

Inspiration is the problem or opportunity that motivates the search for solutions. We run our entire business on ideas, collaboration and solid software engineering. And we love it.
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Latest Project - The Centre for Global Energy Studies

The Centre for Global Energy Studies (CGES) is a global think tank, specialising in oil market analysis and forecasting, and the economics and politics of energy.

Galago & Co. Consulting was engaged to design and build an integrated platform with the following components; a Content Management System, a Customer Relationship Management System, an E-Commerence and Invoicing System, Subscription Delivery and Management System and a deep email integration system with Mailchimp.

CGES's web application has been successfully deployed with every component in operation. Of course, it doesn't end there. We maintain a strong relationship with CGES as we continue to learn about thier interaction with the system and thier user's interaction with the system and continuously iterate to improve the experience. We are currently on v1.2.0 of thier app.